stEFFIE meets Impact HUB Vienna

stEFFIE meets Impact HUB Vienna

by Ana Bernardes

The location for stEFFIE 2015 is set! From 25th to 27th September we will bring the stEFFIE spirit to the Impact Hub Vienna. Although there is hardly any need for presentation, a quick overview about our location partners:

What is the Impact Hub Vienna?

Impact Hub Vienna is a creative centre and work space. In 2010 it was one of the first co-working spaces in Vienna.

Today it is one of the largest networks for social entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives in Austria as well as a networking platform for diverse activists and professionals. The international Impact Hub community consists of 10.000 members at 65 locations in 5 continents.

How will stEFFIE look like in the Impact Hub Vienna?

stEFFIE will make good use of the multifunctional event- and meeting rooms that the Impact Hub Vienna has in its 1200m2. The program will be filled with a combination of co-creation events, workshops, experiments, dialogues and individual coaching, as well as the evening networking and discussion events.

Our partners are working with us to prepare the second experimental fun festival for innovative education and we will tell you all about it very soon. If you want to support us, don’t forget you can already get your Seed Ticket!

Where is the Impact Hub Vienna?

Lindengasse 56, 1070 Vienna (they invite you to pass by and get more info or try it out with the free day pass).

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